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Transitions Strategies for kids on the spectrum.

  One of the hardest things for our kids on the spectrum is transitions. This can be transitioning from a preferred activity to a non-preferred one. This can also include transitioning from one setting to another.  Children with autism thrive on a routine so any change in routine can be hard for our kids. There are several supports we can put in place to make transitions easier for our kids. kids on the spectrum are visual learners. Visual processing is their strength. They may struggle in comprehension or following multi-step directions. Use of visual schedules. Visual schedules are very important to support our kids on the spectrum. Visual schedules can show our kids the events which will occur in their day so they know what to expect without any surprises.  This can help in transitions as it decreases the anxiety associated with the changes. Visual Schedules can be customized for each child as per their needs. It can be a picture schedule or a written schedule if your child is a rea