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How to prepare kids with autism for winter break

The year 2020 is almost coming to an end. We continue to live in the pandemic since March. The holiday season is here Many students have started their winter break. Some will be starting next week  We all know how our kids thrive on routine and consistency so it is important to prepare them for the break. Use Social Stories. Social stories are a great tool to help kids with autism understand the world around them. They can be used to prepare kids for upcoming changes or events in a concrete way by using visuals.  There are many holiday social stories already available online which you can use to prepare your child for the upcoming holidays. Use Calendars Kids with autism tend to experience lots of anxiety. So we can use a calendar to prepare them for an upcoming holiday. This way they will know when the break starts and when the school will begin in the new year.  Use visual schedules. Visual schedules are a great tool to use with our kids with autism as they help them to understand wh

Tips for parents for helping your kids on the spectrum.

Parents spend the maximum time with their kids on the spectrum. Parents need to know some strategies they can use to help their kids with autism to work on their goals and help with skill generalization. Use simple language Many kids with autism are non-verbal and struggle with receptive language. We must use simple language with our kids as they struggle with auditory processing. It is also very important we give our kids some processing time or wait time before we jump in to help them.    .Always try to pair your language with visual supports as it will help them remember and process what was said to them. Always follow-through This is very important. When we give our children any instruction and they refuse to obey we must teach them to comply with the instruction. This is a very important life skill. We might have to use some prompts to help them. Use Reinforcement with your child to teach them any skill. Reinforcement is something that will increase future behaviours. In life, we