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Tips to prepare resources for your child with autism.

  I know first-hand buying resources from stores for your child with autism can be very expensive. It can also be expensive to buy resources already made by some Etsy sellers. It is a little bit of investment upfront but trust me it will pay for itself in the long run. Having the materials on hand helps you to save money as going to places like Staples, Office Depot can get very expensive especially when they charge you on a per-page basis. There are a few essential materials you need to have on hand to make your resources. The printer-A good quality printer is a must-have resource you need in your tool kit to make any kind of resource. There are good quality printers available commercially at a reasonable price. I personally own EPSON  ET2550. It comes with super tank ink which can last up to two years. It has saved me tons of money over the years. I spent a lot of money before I bought this printer to print resources. The other thing you will need it’s good quality printer paper or