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Independent work tasks for kids with special needs.

I want to continue this post by sharing some examples of different kinds of independent work tasks you can create for your child or students .I want to stress this is something which is super affordable and there are countless ideas you can come up with things you already have on hand. There are commercially made task boxes available in the market but they are pretty expensive. I want to reiterate again that work tasks need to have activities which your child has already mastered so they are successful in completing them independently.Make sure the work tasks allows the child to practice different skills including fine motor skills which is a big deficit for our kids.Try to take in to account your child's interests to create different activities for your kids. I'm going to share some activities here today which cater to both young and old kids.These are activities I have used with my own son..The only limit is your imagination.These activities help kids to practice differen

How to help kids with autism to work independently.

I am going to start this post with an important question we all parents of kids on the spectrum ask ourselves how can I help my child to work independently.  Independence is a very important life skill and a common goal for all kids on the spectrum be it in terms of self-help skills or working independently for a few minutes without adult intervention at home or in the classroom. We are amid the pandemic and at this time no one knows how the new school year will be. Is it going to be a mix of in-class and distance learning?  So if this is something you want to help your child with now is the best time to start working on this skill with our kids so they can feel successful when they go back to school. This is a work in progress and something you will need to practice daily with consistency for our students to be successful and motivated to do so.  Start small as always when you are working with your child on a new skill for them to feel successful. If that means you can start with th

Helping kids with autism wear a mask during the pandemic.

We are still amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We are living in the new normal wherein we have to take some precautions to keep ourselves and our family members safe during this time. One of the most important precautions we are taking is to wear a mask in public places to keep ourselves safe. Most of our kids on the spectrum my son included have low immunity and are easily susceptible to getting an infection. So for families like us, these safety precautions are very critical to keep our kids safe. We all know lots of kids on the spectrum have lots of sensory sensitivities. My own son has lots of them so wearing a mask is definitely challenging for him. Some of the kids on the spectrum might be able to tolerate the mask but it is difficult for lots of them. The summer break has just begun in Canada. Currently, we don't know what the situation will be when the school reopens in the fall but I feel as parents we should at least make an effort to help our kids get familiar with the mask