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How to have a successful IEP meeting with the school

  An individualized education plan (IEP )is a legal document developed for each public school for a child who needs special education. It is created with the help of the child's parents and school professionals who are knowledgeable of the child's needs. It is individualized to every child. It describes how the student learns, how they can demonstrate their learning and what kind of supports and services will be provided to them. It lasts for the entire school year and has to be reviewed every year to keep track of student's progress. Parents are an expert on their child and they know them the best. They are the most important IEP team members as they know their child's strengths, needs, motivators, and triggers. Parents are the best advocates for their children as they want their children to succeed. The IEP meeting is required by law at least once a year to plan an individualized educational program for the needs of special needs children. This meeting is attended by

How can parents help their children communicate with their AAC devices.

  One of the deficits of autism is difficulty in communication.40% of kids with autism are nonverbal even though most have average to above-average intelligence. The cause for this is unknown. Our son started using AAC devices to communicate in the year 2013. He started communicating with Prologue 2 go. All adults and children who are unable to communicate verbally need an alternate way to communicate. So what is AAC? AAC stands for Alternative and Augmentative communication. Today I will share with you some tips and strategies for using AAC. Never take away your child's device as it is their voice. They need to have access to it at all times. Take the device everywhere with your child. Teach them to be responsible for it as it is a good life skill. Model, Model and then model same more to your child so they can see you using their device to speak to them. It is their language we need to speak to them in their language. Use it in daily routines, during meal times, teach them commen