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Tips for Back to school virtual learning.

  We are living in unprecedented times amid the pandemic. The schools have reopened in most of the places either in person or through virtual learning.  It is a well-known fact kids with autism thrive on a routine and structure. They have been missing this since March when schools first shut down due to the pandemic. We chose virtual learning for my son as we didn't feel comfortable sending him to school due to the pandemic. The first whole week of virtual school just got over . I must confess it was very stressful in the beginning but as the days went by the kids got used to the routine which they crave so much. Overall my son has made so much progress during the week. The virtual school does involve a huge investment of time on the parent's part as our kids learn better in hands-on learning in school. This way of learning is novel for everyone as it is actually a whole day of school the kids have to participate in five days a week. There are a few things I would like to share

Boom cards for distance learning.

  It is back to school time. We are still amid the pandemic. This year back to school looks very different than the normal. For some kids it is back to school in person, for some, it is online learning at home.  We all know our kids with autism thrive on a routine. We must take some time now to prepare our kids for back to school. In the past few months, we all have been exposed to new technologies teachers have been using to help our kids during distance learning.  Our kids naturally gravitate toward technology. This is something we can use to our advantage to reinforce their learning and prevent regression. I want to share some of the digital resources I have been using with my son during this time. Boom cards are is one of those resources. They are digital self-checking interactive task cards.  They require no printing or laminating thereby saving you tons of money. They can be accessed on a tablet, computer,iPad, or even a phone. The first thing you need to do is to go to boomlearn