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Resources i use with my son during the crisis.

There seems to be no end in sight at this time because of Covid-19 and reality is soon set in that our kids might not go back to school for this school year and the responsibility of educating them is on our shoulders. Today I am continuing on part two of my blog series. In the last blog post, I shared some tips for parents on how we can take care of ourselves and help our kids during this crisis. I highly recommend please go back and read that post before you read this as it is very important for us as parents to be strong and healthy both mentally and physically to care for our kids. It works on the same principle wherein if you are traveling on a plane and there is sudden decompression and oxygen masks drop we need to put our own mask first before we can help anyone else. Today I am going to share some images and resources I am using with my son to give his day some kind of structure and normalcy. like all kids with autism he needs a schedule and a routine which helps him

Our life in the new normal and how as parents we can take care of ourselves.

We are living a new normal life during this corona-virus pandemic and at present there seems to be no sight of the end of this as the whole world is affected by this. It is a reality we cannot do anything about it but accept it and continue to live our life taking it one day at a time. It is a very difficult time for everyone but very hard for parents with special needs families. Our kids thrive on consistency and structure which is lost at this time. It is very hard for them to adjust to a change in routine and now it is even more challenging. We have to find ways to keep our kids entertained and to give their day some kind of structure. I am sure we all are doing our best but the main reason I am writing this post today to share some ideas on how we as parents can take care of ourselves so we are in a better position to help our children. I want to stress how important it is for us as parents to take care of ourselves first so we are in a better position to help our kids as they

How to keep kids with autism engaged during the COVID-19 crisis.

We are living in unprecedented times today with the COVID-19 pandemic. It has forced countries around the world into lockdown. Social distancing has become a new normal for all of us. School closures are new normal and at this time we don't know if kids can go back to school before the next school year. It is difficult for all of us but it is more difficult for special needs families. It is well-known fact kids with autism thrive on a routine which in turn reduces anxiety but at this time there is a disruption in the routine which is causing stress to the kids and the families. We the parents of kids with special needs have been conferred an additional responsibility of educating our kids with special needs as lots of teachers are sending resources home either online or paper-based for our kids to work during this time. Our kids do not learn like typical kids and they need a hands-on approach to learn. Lots of parents have no experience in teaching their kids. I am going to out