Independent work tasks for kids with special needs.

I want to continue this post by sharing some examples of different kinds of independent work tasks you can create for your child or students .I want to stress this is something which is super affordable and there are countless ideas you can come up with things you already have on hand. There are commercially made task boxes available in the market but they are pretty expensive.

I want to reiterate again that work tasks need to have activities which your child has already mastered so they are successful in completing them independently.Make sure the work tasks allows the child to practice different skills including fine motor skills which is a big deficit for our kids.Try to take in to account your child's interests to create different activities for your kids.

I'm going to share some activities here today which cater to both young and old kids.These are activities I have used with my own son..The only limit is your imagination.These activities help kids to practice different skills and help in generalization.File folders are also a other great idea you can use in independent work tasks.

I hope I have given you lots of ideas to implement in your own home .Do comment and let me know if you liked these activities and whether you will be using it with your children.


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