I was on a Mission to help my son.

Around the age of 3 after we got a confirmed diagnosis Aarian had regressed a lot. He had no speech, he did not connect with us. It was very heartbreaking to see him like this. The Early Interventionist used to come home once a month and tried to connect with Aarian by trying to play with him. Both me and Ben were at a loss as to how we could connect with our son to help him.

During one of the visits by the Early Interventionist I expressed my concerns to her and if there was something we could do to help our son. She advised me if I really wanted to help my son I should go back to school. I decided to go back to school and learn everything I can about Autism to help my son. I started school in 2009. 

It was a tough decision as I had to look after my 2 kids, my job, and to top, it off take care of a son with autism. After 3 years in the school I graduated with Honors in Autism Graduation certificate. This was one of the best decisions I took as I never looked back after that. I felt confident I could help my son.  Aarian needed constant help for his overall development and it was not confined to just an hour or two of ABA or speech therapy.

I would like to encourage parents to educate yourselves as you are your Child's best advocate. If you are not able to go to school full time as we all have obligations to fulfill take parent training courses which many of the agencies offer so you are in a better position to help your children.

Over time I became Aarians therapist working on goals from his ABA team speech therapist, occupational therapist. In meanwhile Aarians grandmother was a big help to us as in the beginning even before I went to school 

I used to observe her trying to engage with Aarian tirelessly. I could not have done all this alone and we had team Aarian which consisted of Aarians grandmother ABA therapist, Early Interventionist, speech, and occupational therapist and myself with the common goal of helping Aarian.

I became an Autism Mom the kind of Mom my son needed. But in the end we are all human and it really hurt when I would see other children around Aarians age talk, play, and engage with their parents. It was also very hard for my older son as he found it very hard to connect with his brother and as to why I was not able to give him a lot of time like Aarian. It was a very challenging time for our whole family.


  1. How beautiful and inspirational posts. May God bless you and your family. .. love the way you honestly poured out your story with inspiring Support, glad you were booked to have help...


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